Musings of a freelancer Writer

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Musings of a freelancer Writer

the unsaid struggles, the gritty resolve and burning of the midnight lamp, its only your laptop and your thoughts for company...

The transition phase. Yep, that is the dark phase of every freelancer, where you feel like a fresher while you keep learning, yet that is the most satisfying phase too.

Imagine this scenario...

The day job has just ended, it has sapped your strengths, your mind is running at top speed though to make the most of the next 12 hours. You want to do a million things in the next few hours. You start to think. A bit differently now. You start to think like a creator. This is point the game changes. While at the job, you think for the job, here you think for yourself and your work. It makes a huge difference to the energy levels as well.

You love the long nights that are spent listening to the podcasts, brainstorming the next creative ideas for the daily writing challenges. Between the two extremes called naysayers and your own mind which procrastinates a lot, you need to find the sweet spot and cling on to it.

And the best part is while you are at it, you never know when you start cracking it. You simply need to feel and think like a writer.

More to follow, stay tuned.....

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